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Claudia Raschke

Director of Photography

email: cineclaudia

phone: (917) 349 2112


“Cinematography nourishes all of my artistic needs: I have choreography with the camera movements and my subjects; I have painting with the lights; and I have sculpting by creating three-dimensions on a two-dimensional plane. Every time I pick up a camera and get ready to film, a new adventure starts. It’s a journey into the depths of someone’s life—a unique story that as it unfolds, dismantles barriers, opens doors and reveals truth. To capture this is an art, which feeds my passion for my work. I have shot documentaries and dramatic features for 20 years. I can’t wait to explore the nature of my next project.”

Award-winning cinematographer Claudia Raschke is best-known for her ability to bring the rich tones of the motion picture medium to a diverse spectrum of films, from highly stylized commercial endeavors to behavioral documentaries to lower-budget works of art. Raschke has worked on four Oscar-nominated documentaries. . Her most recent feature documentary project Particle Fever has won many film festival awards and is screening in theaters around the world.