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Claudia Raschke

Director of Photography

email: cineclaudia

phone: (917) 349 2112



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feature documentaries

The Price of Everything ( ADD DP)
Starring: The Art World Director: Nathaniel Kahn Producer: J. Blei Stockman, D. Wisch, C. Solomon
Starring: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Director: Betsy West, Julie Cohen Producer: CNN & Storyville Films
Atomic Homefront
Starring: Cold Water Creek Community of St. Louis Director: Rebecca Camisa Producer: HBO & Documentres Films
The Bit Player
Starring: Claude Shannon Director: Mark Levinson Producer: Mark Levinson & Sergio Verdu IEEE
The Freedom to Marry ( Co-DP)
Starring: Evan Wolfson, Mary Bonauto Director: Eddie Rosenstein Producer: Eddie Rosenstein, Jenni Olson, Amie Segal
I am We ( Co – DP)
Starring: DID community Director: Ron Davis Producer: Docutainment Films & Clay Westervelt
Crescendo! The Power of Music
Starring: Play on Philly Kids Director: Jamie Bernstein, Elizabeth Kling Producer: Morphing Pictures 23rd Annual Philadelphia Film Festival - Pinkenson Award
2014 Audience Award Philadelphia Film Festival
Kaiser Permanente Thrive Award 2015
Particle Fever
Starring: LHC Collider & Physicists Director: Mark Levinson Producer: Mark Levinson, David Kaplan, Andrea Miller Stephen Hawking Medal 2016
Best Theatrical Film - Pariscience Grand Ecran Prize 2014
Grierson British Documentary Award 2014
Grand Helix Award & Best Physical Sciences Doc. 2014
Brainstorm & Grand Jury Prize At The 360º CSFF 2013
Audience Award For Best Film, Sheffield, England - 2013
PGA Awards Nomination
Alfred DuPont Award 2015
King’s Park
Starring: Lucy Wiener Director: Lucy Wiener Producer: Wildlight Production Grand prize at Mad in America Int'l film festival
Melvin & Jean
Starring: Melvin & Jean McNair Director: Maia Wechsler Producer: Maia Wechsler
A Sea Change
Starring: Swen Huseby Director: Barbara Ettinger Producer: Niijii Films Grand Prize, Feature Documentary, Fica Brazil
Best Coastal Film, Cottonwood Environment Film Festival
Best Nordic Country Doc, Polar Film Festival, Finland
Mad Hot Ballroom
Starring: Public School 115, 150 & 112 Director: Marilyn Agrelo Producer: Amy Sewell / Just One Productions BFCA Nomination for Best Documentary
Gotham Award - Celebrated New York Award
Image Award Nomination, Ida Award Nomination
Academy Award Shortlisted in 2005
Shoot Down
Starring: Marlene Alejandre, BTTR Director: Cristina Khuly Producer: Douglas Eger / Rogue Harbor Studios Best documentary - Sonoma Inter. Film Festival
What’s your point, honey?
Starring: Seven Cosmo Girls Director: Amy Sewell & Susan Toffler Producer: 250 Pick-up Productions
Let’s talk about Sex
Starring: James Houston Director: James Houston Producer: Neal Weisman & Ltas Production
Abraham’s Children
Starring: New York Muslim Teenagers Director: Nina Froriep Producer: Clockwise Productions
Coup 53 ( ADD DP)
Starring: Coup in 1953 that overthrew Prime Minister Mossadegh Director: Taghi Amirani Producer: Taghi Amirani, Emma Parsons, Paul Zaentz
Chicken People (ADD DP)
Starring: Shari McCollough, Brian Caraker, Brian Knox Director: Nicole Lucas Haimes Producer: Terry Leonard, Julie Goldman, Christopher Clements, Caroline Kaplan
Deaf Jam ( CO-DP)
Starring: Deaf Jam Poets Director: Judy Lieff Producer: Steve Zeitlin / City Lore
Miss you can do it! ( ADD DP)
Starring: Pageant Kids Director: Ron Davis Producer: Docutainment & HBO
Virgin Tales ( Add DP)
Starring: The Wilson Family Director: Mirjam Arx Producer: Ican Films Zürich Best Film Award - 2012
My Architect (ADD DP)
Starring: Louis Kahn Director: Nathaniel Kahn Producer: Susan Behr, Nathaniel Kahn 2004 Academy Award nominee best documentary feature
Small Wonders (ADD DP)
Starring: Roberta Guaspari Director: Alan Miller Producer: Alan Miller 1996 Academy Award Nominee Best Documentary Feature
Crazy Love (ADD DP)
Starring: Burt & Linda Pugach Director: Dan Klores & Fischer Stevens Producer: Shoot The Moon Productions 2008 independent spirit award for best documentary feature
boston society of film critics award for best documentary
grand jury prize at the sundance film festival

tv documentaries

Broadway or Bust (3 Episodes)
Produced by: L. Donnelly & L. Shultz / PBS
God is the bigger Elvis
Produced by: Julie Anderson / HBO Christopher Award Winner - TV & Cable 2013
Academy Award Nominee - Best Short Documentary 2012
IDA Nominee - Best Short Documentary 2012
Duke 91/92
Produced by: Grant Hill / TNT
ESPN Winning TIme (CO DP)
Starring: Reggie Miller & The Knicks Directed by: Dan Klores Produced by: Shoot the Moon Productions
ESPN Black Magic (CO DP)
Starring: Ben Jobe Directed by: Dan Klores Produced by: Shoot the Moon Productions Peabody Award For Best Documentary 2009
Extreme Guide to Parenting
Produced by: A. D'Entrone / Pith / Bravo Reality TV
Newlyweds (Season 2)
Produced by: E.Schmidt / Monkey TV / Bravo Reality TV
The Jewish Journey
Directed by: Andrew Goldberg Produced by: PBS / Two Cats TV
The American-Iranians
Directed by: Andrew Goldberg Produced by: PBS / Two Cats TV
Women who rock
Produced by: PBS / Carol Stein / Ace Pictures
Out in America
Directed by: Andrew Goldberg Produced by: PBS / Two Cats TV
The Leopards take Manhattan
Produced by: Beth Aala / HBO
Windows to the Universe
Produced by: Geoffrey Matz / PBS
I am Beautiful
Produced by: Suzy Galler / Lifetime
The Music in Me
Produced by: Beth Aala / HBO 2006 Peabody Award
Too Hot not to Handle
Produced by: E.Goosenberg / Lovett / HBO
The Jewish People (ADD DP)
Directed by: Andrew Goldberg Produced by: PBS / Two Cats TV
This Emotional Life (ADD DP)
Produced by: Nova / Kunhardt McGee
History of Rock’n Roll (ADD DP)
Produced by: Susan Steinberg / PBS
Sister Rose (ADD DP)
Produced by: Oren Jacoby / HBO 2004 Academy Award Nominee Best Documentary Feature
Dragonfly TV Series
Produced by: Gloria Bremer/PBS 2002 Cine Golden Eagle Award

Feature Films

Frame of mind
Starring: Carl T. Evans Directed by: Carl T. Evans Produced by: Charles Kipps & Carl T. Evans
Walking on the sky
Starring: Carl T. Evans Directed by: Carl T. Evans Produced by: Micky Hyman & Josh Eggleston Grand Jury Prize & Best Dramatic Feature
New York International Film & Video Festival
The Last Groove
Starring: John Seitz & Rosemary Hochschild Directed by: Loretta Harms Produced by: Decoy Films Best Cinematography Award - Georgetown
Starring: Karina Krawczyk & Jochen Horst Directed by: Angelika Möhnning Produced by: Schlemmer Film - Colon Germany
His & Hers
Starring: Caroleen Feeney & Liev Schreiber Directed by: Hal Salven Produced by: Allience - Canada
Kiss me, Guido!
Starring: Nick Scotti & Anthony Barrille Directed by: Tony Vitale Produced by: Killer Films & Redeemable Features
No Way Home
Starring: Debra Unger, Jim Russo & Tim Roth Directed by: Buddy Giovinazzo Produced by: Live Entertainment Grand Special Prize – Deauville Film Festival
The Last Good TIme
Starring: Olivia D'abo & Armin Mueller-Stahl Directed by: Bob Balaban Produced by: Dean Silvers & Bob Balaban Audience Award – Hamptons Film Festival
Nomination - Grand Special Prize - Deauville Film Festival
Prix Tournage – Avignon Film Festival
The Trust
Starring: Karen Black & Sam Bottoms Produced & Directed by: Doug Killgore
Charlie’s Ear
Starring: Austin Pendleton Produced & Directed by: Gary Chason Best Cinematography Award – Madrid
Fipresci – Manheim/Heidelberg International Film Fest

Camera Operator

River of Fundaments
A-Camera Op/Feature Opera Film Directed by: Matthew Barney DP: Pete Strietmann
The Soul of a Man
Directed by: Wim Wenders 2nd Unit/Music Special
Chinese Box
Directed by: Wayne Wang 2nd Unit/Feature Film
Cradle will rock
Directed by: Tim Robbins 2nd Unit/Feature Film
Mariah Carey Concert
Directed by: L.jordan DP: Daniel Perl - NBC
Johnny Cash Concert
Directed by: M.atkins DP: Jurig Walther - VH1

TV Drama

Notes for my Daughter
Produced by: Meredith Zampsky - ABC
America’s Most Wanted
Directed by: Michael Mayers
Starring: Tom Noonan Directed by: Fox-TV

Broadway Show Media & Art Instalations

Tommy Tunes Paparazzi
Produced by: Batwin & Robin
Rocky Horror Show
Produced by: Batwin & Robin
The Fire Zone
Produced by: Mediaworks & NYFD